Differences Between Logo Design and Brand Design

A logo is nothing but a symbol that is used to identify a company or a particular niche in a business. This forms the basis of the corporate identity. Logos usually consists of a name, letters, emblems or just about any graphic design.

They are created so as to help identify the brand in a crowded market; it doesn’t add any value to the products on its own accord. The only benefit of having a logo is the fact that people would be able to identify your products when they’re off shopping. However, when creating a logo you need to make sure that it is appealing and at the same time represents your business.

Therefore, logo designers make sure that the logo stands alone – it is definitive, bold and the color combinations used are well chosen to represent a particular business.

What’s brand design supposed to be?

If you look carefully into the definition of the term brand design, it goes as – a symbol or design that may also include a name or term so as to help people pick out the goods and services offered by a group or business.

A brand is something that delivers your message to the public in a clear and concise way. In addition to spreading a message your brand connects customers with your business emotionally so as to motivate them to buy from you – thereby increasing their loyalty towards your brand (Or business as a whole).

Usually it contains the logo along with a tagline to go along. The logo remains constant for the entire product range; however the tagline (Which represents the brand design) changes as per the products.

Your tag line expresses the benefits as well as the overall quality of the services and products that you offer your customers. Therefore, when you combine your logo and tag line you end up with a brand design that lets people know what you’re offering and at the same time reminds them about your corporate business.

Relation between the two

Very often people use these two terms interchangeably. However, as already mentioned they are totally different. Brand design does include your logo, but logos don’t include brand design. Logo is only a means to let people recognize you in a wide market whereas a brand helps in recognition as well as spreading your message. Hence, all businesses need to make effective use of these two.

Why Non-Profit Organizations Need a Professional Brand Design

A non-profit organization requires a professional brand design even more so than a commercial venture. Non-profits rely on the good will and financial support of Joe Public. People who donate do so selflessly to further a cause that they believe is important. But they need to be confident that their money is being allocated appropriately.

Who is going to donate money to an organization that proclaims to be a non-profit helping the poor, the sick or the disadvantaged when the website and printed flyers give the impression that they have been produced by an amateur down the road? No one is going to donate to an outfit they can’t trust instinctively.

A strong brand identity is how any organization presents itself to the world: what it stands for and what its goals are. When professionally designed, branding will ensure the non-profit is taken seriously in its efforts to help change the world. It will convey to people it is above-board, reputable and is putting donors’ money to good use. When used effectively a professional brand will become memorable, leading to more exposure and the receipt of more funds. A powerful brand identity evokes emotions in people who will want to help the non-profit organization to help others.

Consider Amnesty International, one of the most well-known non-profit organizations in the world. It has a clearly defined brand. The name concisely sums up what its objectives are. This is supported by a logo design depicting a candle, for hope, wrapped round with barbed wire, reflecting unfair restraint. Any non-profit that wants to do well in today’s society needs a brand that is just as strong.

Logo Design: The logo design must reflect the organization, must be memorable and enduring. It may be pictorial or be based on the non-profit name such as that used by Make a Wish International – a simple word mark logo of the name with a shooting star flying through it, summing up their aim to grant dying children a wish very aptly.

Tagline: A tagline is a succinct statement to build on the logo and grab more attention; for a non-profit organization a factual tagline is most appropriate. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition has a spot on tagline: “Finding a cure now… so our daughters won’t have to”. It’s hard-hitting, factual and evokes an emotional response.

Marketing Material Design: A non-profit organization requires a variety of professionally designed and printed marketing material to promote itself, such as flyers, information pamphlets and business cards. This material for offline promotion must clearly maintain the brand’s visual identity throughout with coherent use of logo, colors, images and font.

Website Design: Today’s professional branding companies also have the ability to develop an effective website which retains the brand identity. The website must not only look good and be engaging, but must make it easy for readers to learn more about the organization, how to volunteer or make an online donation.

• The website must be visually appealing and easy to navigate

• It must have great, interesting content and provide background information about the organization and its goals, what has been achieved and all the latest news. A section for blogs is also a great idea to keep readers up-to-date with all that is happening.

• When a non-profit asks people to make a donation, it has to be viewed as above-board. The inclusion of financial reports will prove to the readers that the non-profit is financially trustworthy.

The fully branded website will not only increase brand awareness and keep readers up-to-date, but one of its key objectives is to entice them to take action. Eye catching call to action steps should be perfectly positioned on the website:

• An easy-to-use online form is essential so visitors can sign up for more information, to receive a newsletter or register to become a volunteer.

• It must be easy for people to make a donation online and the payment steps must reassure people that they are using a secure payment channel.

A non-profit organization needs to have sufficient funds to continue effectively and implement its actions. The implementation of a sensible branding strategy using a professional company will result in a tangible difference in funds received and in the exposure of the organization… what more could a non-profit wish for?

Advantages Of Maintaining A Strong Retail Brand Design

Building a strong brand in retail takes years of hard work. And once you have established a strong brand name and value, it does not mean that you can now stop working hard to earn more customer loyalty. You need to evolve and learn to go with flow as the needs and demands of your customers constantly change. This is the reason why you need to maintain a strong retail brand design.

A strong retail brand design will help your business stay competitive in the market. There are a lot of brands competing for people’s attention and so it is very important that you maintain the same level of competence each and every day to make sure that you maintain your loyal customers and maybe even gain more. As the needs and demands of the customers are changing, the quality of service you provide should also change. However, the brand name should stay the same as it will be the only sign your customers can remember about your businesses. So even if you upgraded your services, if you have the same brand name and design, your customers will still patronize your business.

Another thing, a strong business brand design is a very powerful marketing tool for advertising and promoting your products and service. According to research, people do not always look for price tags. They always go for quality. And if your brand name is known for its quality, then you don’t have to worry about convincing people about your product. You just need to maintain the same quality products and services and people will eventually tag your business brand name and design to “quality”. Once people know and remember your brand name and associate it with the word “quality”, it will be a lot easier for you to promote, advertise and market your products and services.

Hence, it is very important that you start establishing your own brand name and brand design as early as you start your business. And along with it, always make sure that you provide nothing less than quality products and services. Through this, customers will start to patronize your business. They will start associating your brand name with quality services and they will then become your loyal customers.

Create A Perfect Image For Your Company With Branding Design

Branding is an extremely important concept that can immensely affect the success of a company. There are different ways in which branding can be done. One method is to find a name, logo and trademark symbol that closely resembles the niche that the company represents. For instance, a footwear store can be named Shoeland and have a pair of shoes as its logo or trademark symbol. It would be an easily recognizable name and trademark that identifies the product of the company.

Another form of branding is to use terms that are totally unrelated to the niche of the company. For instance, Amazon.com started as an online bookstore, but the name has nothing to do with books. Amazon is the name of the river in Brazil, but yet the name was adopted as a brand name for the online book store. This is another way in which branding can be done. This might seem a little counter intuitive, but yet a number of companies have been extremely successful in their business using this branding model.

If you wish to brand your company using either of these methods, you might want to use the services of a good branding design company. Unless you are a professional designer yourself, it is best to hire a professional service to design the right kind of branding for your company. The branding design service would first study your company and the niche that you are in. It would then take a look at the products you deal in or services that you render to your clients to determine the right kind of branding for your company.

With the help of the company, you would be able to decide whether you should go for a brand that reflects the niche that you cater to, or go in for a totally different brand name that you wish to popularize through marketing efforts. When the service analyses your business, they would be able to recommend the right kind of approach that would be appropriate for your business.

The branding design service would then design the logos and trademark symbols to go along with your brand name. Since your business would be closely associated with the brand and become its identity, you need to pay a lot of attention to the branding process. It is therefore very essential to employ the services of a reputed company to design the branding for your business.

The company that you choose should not only be able to do the branding process alone for you, but also be experienced in both print and digital media so that they can render the whole gamut of services that you would need to promote your business. They should be able to undertake projects of any size and offer brand creation and implementation services. They should be able to design promotional material and packaging and also design websites and e-commerce solutions for your business. You should look for a branding design that can handle all these services under one roof.

A Guide for Brand Designing and Brand Identity

An effective branding strategy is something that is essential in building up the position of your business profile. For a strong brand to success, the key to it lies in how you strategize. Most important of all, the brand should be such that it must have a strong visual appeal. Apart from the strategy, a lot also depends on the brand identity and how you position yourself.

Brand design is something that encompasses what your company is about and the products that you offer. To be able to create the identity and in order to have the recall value, it is also quite necessary to have an effective brand identity design. The identity is what differentiates you from the rest and hence you must look for something that is more creative and distinct.

There are bound to be competition from your rivals. However, what really matters is whether you are capable of standing up, up to your potential. As a matter of fact, it is on the basis of your brand positioning that you will be in a position to release a product meant for the target audience.

As of now, it essentially becomes necessary to create a strong brand value and adopt ideal brand strategies that will put you ahead of your competitors. This is why, the identity design is considered to be one of the key aspects that let you place yourself in a highly competitive market.

The core idea of brand designing is to help you create a visual statement that propels your brand ahead of your competitors. First step is to create a logo that simultaneously stands out for what the brand is all about. The logo in a way showcases the values and this is what paves the way for the target customers to opt for the product.

As for the identity design, it is a collective effort and it incorporates several impressions in building an identity borne out of the prevailing circumstances and to a large extent behavior of the target audience. Let’s see how brand designing works:

How Brand Designing Works:

It becomes quite important to evaluate the consumer behavior, the competition that you are likely to face and above all the market segment. To be in a position to reach out, you have to identify the areas, where you can capitalize, so as to create a strong brand value.

You also have to look for ways to draw the attention of the consumer. You have to create a unique selling point that in a way will help you to have an edge over the others.

Then you have to put more emphasis on building a brand position strategy that is synonymous with the product that you want to launch.

You will have to carefully look at the options that are available to you occasionally. If needed, you have to change the strategy. The core of your success lies in how you address the concerns of the consumer and only with a strong brand identity, you have a chance to be considered as a serious contender.

The key factors

Brand designing is essentially what can be termed as one of the key component of promoting the overall business as a brand of repute. Your brand helps you to connect with your target audience and consumers in a more convenient manner.

You should put emphasis on your product or services as it is the only thing to the consumer is what matters most. Once the consumer belief is won, you can consider half the battle won. The rest is all about capitalizing on it and reaping the benefits.

To build a successful brand you have to understand the psyche of the consumers. The present consumer behavior and the prevailing economy and how the market reacts. The sense of communication does play a larger role. When you are in touch with your consumers, you tend to get the ideal feedback and accordingly you can then compile a business strategy that suits your consumers.

Your goal of achieving the desired success will not materialize, unless the consumers cannot identify with the product. A sense of loyalty is a must and to achieve the same, it becomes quite important to offer good value in terms of money on the services and products.

Brand Design and brand strategy certainly are the two basic factors that lets you stay connected with the target audience. Apart from considering the various factors, which are nevertheless important for you to succeed, the emotional element must be also taken in to account.